STITCH • What last year’s participants had to say

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Friday, April 17, 2020
Memorial Union, University of Missouri – Columbia

Last year over 175 people attended and here is some of the feedback we received:

  • This was an excellent conference and a very safe feeling space. Thank you for including so many gender expansive presenters and including content for community members. Your presenters were all sensitive and wonderful, and almost no one taught irrelevant or outdated things. Please keep holding STITCH conferences! The passion, advocacy, and putting responsibility for good care where it belongs, on providers, was all refreshing and welcome and an improvement over some conferences on trans healthcare I have attended.
  • A really wonderful conference full of open and intelligent individuals. Very motivating for my career and general life practices.
  • Loved the conference! I hope to contact some of the presenters to give talks at my medical school in order to normalize learning about trans healthcare.
  • I felt the conference was a total success!  Completely flawless! From check in to end of the day.  Everyone was friendly and helpful.  Would love to see this conference continue.
  • I learned a great deal, am more sensitized to the needs of my patients, especially adolescents.
  • Fantastic conference overall.  Great information and presenters.  Thank you for offering this in Columbia!
  • As both an organizer and an attendee, I was excited by the energy of the conference. Providers like myself seemed eager to learn. Community members had lots of questions. And more than once, I felt torn between sessions scheduled at the same time

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