15th Annual Missouri Health Policy Summit

 October 26-27, 2017 • Hilton Garden Conference • Columbia, MO

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How we produce and consume food has a bigger impact on American’s well-being than any other human activity. The food industry is the largest sector of our economy and food touches everything from our health to the environment, climate change, economic inequality and the federal budget. The time is ripe to revisit our food system and identify ways to change our policies to improve health.

On another track, the New Administration and the 115th US Congress is planning and implementing changes in the priorities for national health policies.

This is a unique time in history to examine the intersection between these two policy arenas. This presents opportunities for wins in both policy arenas that assures access to healthful food, appropriate food marketing, chronic disease prevention, and reduced health care costs and premature deaths.

Summit Objectives:

  • Identify food and health policy intersections and opportunities for gains in both arenas to improve Missouri’s economy and public health.
  • Examine the impact of local, state and federal food policy and environmental change on health, including
    • Local projects and programs with demonstrated success in Missouri;
    • Private sector actions making a difference in public health;
    • State-level policy initiatives; and
    • The Farm Bill, federal food policy and public health.
  • Review the major shifts in food and nutrition patterns and the impact these have had on Missouri’s rates of preventable, chronic disease.
  • Share the most current information on health reform in 2017 and implications for Missouri.

Registration Fees:
$100.00 Early Registration Fee (on or prior to October 6)
$125.00 Regular Registration Fee (after October 6)

Featured Speakers:

  • Margo Wootan, DSc, Director, Nutrition Policy at Center for Science in the Public  Interest, Washington D.C.
  • Ricardo Salvador, PhD, Director, Food & Environment Program, Union of Concerned Scientists, Washington, D.C.
  • Alison Kodjak, Health Policy Correspondent, NPR


  • Karen Edison, MD, Director, Center for Health Policy; Chair, Department of Dermatology; Medical Director, Missouri Telehealth Network, University of Missouri
  • Lisa Nelson, MA, Chair, Missouri Council for Activity and Nutrition; Grant Program Supervisor, Freeman Health System


  • Center for Health Policy

    Nicholas Butler, Associate Director, Program & Project Operations
    LaRita Emanuel, Sr. Business Support Specialist
    Candy Fincher, Office Support Assistant III
    Stanton Hudson, MA, Associate Director, Healthcare Programs
    Jill Lucht, MS, Associate Director, Program & Project Operations
    Ioana Staiculescu, MPH, Project Director
    Dave Zellmer, Sr. Program/Project Support Coordinator

  • Missouri Council for Activity and Nutrition
    Mary Ellison, WIC Coordinator, Springfield-Greene County Health Department
    Nathan Ferguson, Office Support, Human Environmental Sciences
    Jessica Mackey, MPH, RD, CSP, LD, Health and Wellness Program Manager, Midwest Dairy Council
    Deborah Markenson, Children’s Mercy Hospital
    Donna Mehrle Elliott, MPH, RD, LD, FNE, Assistant Coordinator, Human Environmental Sciences
    Dana Meyer, MA, MEd, EdS, EdD, Project Coordinator, Human Environmental Sciences
    Pat Simmons, MS, RD, LD, Chief, Bureau of Community Wellness, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
    Denise Strehlow, RD, LD, MPH, MSW, BJC School Outreach and Youth Development
    Jennifer VanHoose, Head Start Health Services Coordinator, Economic Security Corporation

  • Nursing Outreach
    Shirley Farrah, PhD, RN-BC, Assistant Dean
    Cynthia Stephens, MS(N), RN, Clinical Instructor and Nurse Planner

  • School of Social Work
    Mansoo Yu, PhD, Associate Professor

  • Continuing Medical Education & Physician Lifelong Learning
    Thom Pancella, Associate Director
    Shirley Walters, Continuing Education Specialist

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