May 19-20, 2017
Women’s and Children’s Hospital Pavilion Conference Center
Columbia, MO

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Handouts • Friday – May 19, 2017


  • Chloe’s Law Update:  Detecting Critical Heart Disease in Newborns
    • Peter C. Dyke, II, MD, Associate Professor of Child Health-Cardiology, University of Missouri;
    • Jami L. Kiesling, RN, BSN, Newborn Screening Program Manager, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
  • Building Resiliency: A Pediatrician’s Response to Toxic Stress
    Alexandra James, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Child Health-General Pediatrics, University of Missouri
  • Common Sleep Issues in Children: Too Little or Too Much Sleep?
    Zarah Ner, MD, Assistant Professor of Child Health-Pulmonology, University of Missouri


  • ECHO Autism: Bring Best Practice Autism Care to Primary Care
    Kristin Sohl, MD, FAAP, Associate Professor of Child Health, Director, ECHO Autism, University of Missouri
  • High-Yield Child Obesity Care: Top 10 Things Actually Worth Trying
    Aneesh Tosh, MD, Associate Professor of Child Health-Adolescent Medicine, University of Missouri
  • Pediatric Mental Health
    Tracy Stroud, DO, Associate Professor of Child Health, Thompson Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders, University of Missouri
  • Updates in Allergy Treatment and Food Allergy Recommendations
    Christine Franzese, MD, FAAOA, Professor of Otolaryngology and Director of Allergy, University of Missouri
  • Flouride Varnish Workshop (Additional registration fee required)
    Facilitators:  Alexandra James, MD; Nathan Beucke, MD, Professor of Child Health-General Pediatrics; University of Missouri

Saturday – May 20, 2017


  • 7:00
    Breakfast and Conference Check-in
  • 7:30
    Approach to the Child with Proteinuria
    Laura Hesemann, MD, Assistant Professor of Child Health-Nephrology, University of Missouri
  • 8:20
    Emerging Infectious Diseases
    Christelle Ilboudo, MD, Assistant Professor of Child Health-Infectious Diseases, University of Missouri
  • 9:10
    Update on Newborn Screening
    Esperanza Font-Montgomery, MD, Associate Professor of Child Health-Genetics, University of Missouri
  • 10:00
  • 10:20
    Chronic Constipation
    Jeff Kantor, MD, Assistant Professor of Child Health-Gastroenterology, University of Missouri
  • 11:10
    Developmental Updates: Reassure or Refer?
    Tracy Stroud, DO


  • 12:00