STITCH • Exhibitor/Sponsor

Saturday, April 27, 2019 • Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center

We invite you to join us, and to help make this conference accessible through your sponsorship.


School of Medicine


Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity


Department of Educational, School and Counseling Psychology

School of Health Professions

MU Psychological Services Clinic and Department of Psychological Sciences

Conference Sponsor

College of Education

School of Social Work

Women’s and Gender Studies


School of Health Professions

Women’s and Gender Studies

Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Exhibit/Sponsorship Opportunities!

  • Exhibit Space– $500 for profit; $250 non-profit
    Includes a 6’ draped table and two chairs. Please let us know if you need electricity. One complimentary registration is also included.
  • Scholarship Sponsor– $100 each
    Help members of the transgender community take part in this important conversation. Our goal is to make sure everyone who wishes has the opportunity to contribute. Donors will be acknowledged in the handouts and on slides.
  • Lunch Co-sponsor– $1200 (2 available); Or be the sole sponsor of lunch for $2400!
    Name displayed prominently on the buffet line; acknowledgement from the podium, on a slide, signage, and in conference handout. Two complimentary registrations also included
  • Sweeten the Break– $750 (2 available)
    Be known as the group that provided that extra boost at break time! Prominently displayed name at the break station and on signage, slides and in the conference handout. One complimentary registration also included
  • Conference Sponsor– $250
    Acknowledgment on signage and in conference handout as well as on a slide in the meeting room.
  • *Silver Sponsor– $500
    Acknowledgment on signage and in conference handout as well as on a slide in the meeting room. Includes one complimentary registration.
  • *Gold Sponsor– $2000
    Same as silver with one additional complimentary registration, and the opportunity to provide an additional handout for participants to be included in their conference packets.
  • *Platinum Sponsor– $5000
    Same as Gold, but a total of 4 complimentary registrations, and solo acknowledgment on signs and slides

*Silver, Gold or Platinum Sponsors: Send your students for only $50 each!
Contact Thom Pancella ( for details!

Sponsor/Exhibitor Form– downloadable pdf file